NetMod Ltd. was set up in 1997 when Peter Turner returned from a scientific post at the NC3A (NATO C3 Agency) Technical Center in the Hague and took up a number of communication network modelling consultancy projects. Having worked at Lucent and General Dynamics since then he has taken a career break in the latter part of 2013 before setting up this website.

Peter has been working on a couple of ExtendSim based projects in the last few months:

Agent based modelling using ExtendSim.

The ExtendSim examples contained an implementation of the famous Wolf Sheep predation model using continuous or time stepped techniques. This was implemented with the Agent Models developed entirely in ModL code. The initial challenge was to rewrite the model using standard (or custom) library blocks to model the different agent types. The longer term objective was to develop a methodology along with a supporting library that allows the development of agent based models in ExtendSim with minimal coding, i.e. no more than short code snippets in equation blocks. Progress has been made and will appear shortly in a Post. This is the sheep part of our rewritten wolf sheep predation model.


Custom library development.

This is a collaborative project with 1Point2 in Grenoble. The objective is to develop a streamlined version of the item library designed for run-time efficiency and to be a simpler starting point for custom block development than the standard library.  While the standard library has amazing levels of functionality (great for building models) it does come at the expense of  complexity when starting points for custom blocks are required.