All the file downloads available on this web site can be found in the table below as well as in the posts section. Download links are provided in the third column. Check back as new downloads will be added on a regular basis. In particular, we are working on a few ExtendSim models and custom blocks that will appear here shortly.

Name Description File
Bounce Diagram Generator  Generates a bounce diagram from packet trace data  BounceDiagramGenerator
Cluster 2D Clustering Demo uses K-Means algorithm coded in VBA Cluster97C
Monte Carlo Demo of a set of custom VBA functions to support Monte Carlo Analysis MonteCarlo97D
Demo Documentation Word document giving basic user notes for demos Toolset Demonstration Models
Network Planning AddIn Documented Network Planning functions including Erlang-B Erlang-C etc… Plus a library of flow model building blocks (reusable VBA subroutines) plus tutorial sheet NetworkPlanning
2-D Growth Model Stochastic 2-D Cellular Automata Model. See Post for description  GenerateClusteredLocations
Three State Markov Model ExtendSim model illustrating use of an equation block. See Post for discussion of when a custom block would be a better choice  Markov3State
Database Access Code Generation ExtendSim utility block for generating a header file containing database addresses and indices. See post for details CodeGen 

Note that while the VBA code in the spreadsheet downloads is password protected NetMod will be prepared to supply unprotected versions on receipt of a request outlining your requirements. This will give us an opportunity to advise you on the suitability for your purposes. Note that ExtendSim downloads are for ExtendSim9.1 and will not open in earlier versions. However, if you wish to reuse code etc… they should open and run in the demo version of ExtendSim9.1.